Dismemberment in Crime Scene Investigations

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Dismemberment in Crime Scene Investigations is a 2 hour certification course that provides specialized training in criminal profiling.

  • Date: 04-30-2020 07:00 PM
  • Location: Online Webinar (Map)
  • More Info: Hutton Forensics uses digital ticketing, once you have purchased your ticket, you can expect to receive an email from huttonforensics@gmail.com with instructions to access the session that you have purchased.


Many police departments reach out to Hutton Forensics for assistance in cases that involve dismemberment; taking the body a part after a homicide has occurred is something that significant to killing patterns. Over 150 cases were examined and investigated for this training opportunity; elements that will be addressed in this course include: dismemberment patterns, offender motive, weapons used, disposal site locations, victim selection, separating body parts after disposal versus keeping them together, temporal crime scene patterns, and profiles for these types of offenders. In addition, this course will address the disparities between mothers and fathers that dismember their children. 

Dismemberment in Crime Scene Investigations is a 2 hour specialized training session; a certificate will be emailed to each attendee to illustrate completion of the course. Remember, certificates are helpful to add to Continuing Education Units, Credentials, Education, Resume, Portfolio, or Curriculum Vitae. This course is for elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels of criminal justice.