Lecture Session: Disparate Approaches in Working with Psychopaths vs. Sociopaths

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In this lecture session, Dr. Hutton will be extrapolating the disparate behavioral patterns in psychopaths and sociopaths; in addition, efficacious patterns to work with both populations within the realm of criminality will be expounded upon and applied alike.

  • Date: 04-28-2021 07:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event
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In this lecture session, Dr. Hutton will address the disparities between psychopaths and sociopaths and elaborate upon how to work with these populations, especially when they are dangerous in nature. The goal is to extrapolate the behavioral components while also correlating how motive of each type of offender is distinctive. 

Disparate Approaches: Working with Psychopaths vs. Sociopaths is a 1 hour specialized training session; a certificate will be emailed to each attendee to illustrate completion of the lecture event. Remember, certificates are helpful to add to Continuing Education Units, Credentials, Education, Resume, Portfolio, or Curriculum Vitae. This event is for elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels of criminal justice.

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